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Cycling in France

Hi, I’m Jessie; the human behind this blog. I’m an avid cyclist, hiker, traveler, food-lover, and digital content specialist.

I’ve called many places home -- Washington D.C., Malta, Costa Rica, Seattle, Madagascar -- and traveled to over 35 others.

I now live in San Francisco with my partner (and man behind the camera), Jon, where we spend our free time eating and biking our way around the Bay or planning our next adventure. From biking 400 miles across Sweden for a meal and taking a road trip in a campervan across Spain, to hanging out with elephants in Sri Lanka and hunting down pig blood soup in Taipei, our adventures always mean exploring or trying something new.

What’s Eat Bike Travel About?

I’ve been traveling for as long as I can remember and started writing about it in 2010. Since then, my work has appeared in publications such as Packsmith, Go Overseas (where I was also editor for 3 years), 7x7, Eat Your World, and Carryology.

I’m passionate about travel as a way to explore your interests and learn about other places -- not just check off an item on a bucket list or stay at the latest, most trendy hotel (though I do love a good hotel). I believe our travels should be as unique as us.

For me, that means spending as much time as possible outdoors, eating new things, and talking to the people around me. If you’re also the kind of traveler who believes bike rides are best when there’s great food at the end, or no trip is complete without one new discovery, then let’s be friends. These stories are for you.




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